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GIS Week at NC State University

GIS Week at NC State University is designed to be an accessible learning and professional development event series centered around geospatial analytics and spatial data science. Drawing inspiration from NC State's motto "Think and Do," GIS Week is designed to connect researchers, practitioners and industry partners across varying sectors and disciplines. 

Our Team

Margaret Lawrimore

GGSO Co-President

Margaret's research focuses on assessing the social and environmental impacts of land use change and planning.


Andrew Shannon

GGSO Co-President

Andrew's research focuses on leveraging modeling and other statistical approaches to interpret ecological and Earth systems data and produce work that informs future-oriented management actions for forest and other natural resources, the impacts of drought and other long-term climate trends on the functions of terrestrial systems and natural lands.


Truffaut Harper

GGSO Marketing Chair

Truffaut's research focuses on modeling urban growth with an emphasis on flooding and sea level rise.


Eli Horner

GGSO Treasurer

Eli's research focuses on using computational mathematics and computational statistics techniques and methods to improve spatial-temporal models, expanding tools within these models to improve their usefulness for stakeholders and accurately capture real-world behavior.


Christina Perella

GGSO Secretary

Christina's research focuses on the social and ecological impacts of climate and land-use change, with a focus on understanding tradeoffs between community needs and ecosystem health, and the effectiveness of protected areas and wildlife corridors.


Abby Wiese

GGSO Distance Education Representative

Abby's interested in future research that focuses on the impacts of climate change on ecosystems and mitigating biodiversity loss.


Louis Goodall

GGSO Representative to Graduate Student Association

Louis's research focuses on disturbance ecology and forest management, and intersections between them


Emma Butzler

GGSO Social Chair

Emma's research focuses on the intersection between society and environmental issues,


Jenna Abrahamson

GGSO Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

Jenna's research focuses on developing methods to map inundation changes in forested, coastal wetland ecosystems and assessing the impact of inundation events on biogeochemical processes related to methane emissions


Felipe Sanchez

GGSO Forum Chair

Felipe's research focuses on the intersection between animal, environmental and human health, specifically development of surveillance and monitoring tools and applications.


Rebecca Composto

Geospatial Forum Committee Member

Rebecca's research focuses on using satellite imagery and crowdsourced information to study urban flooding.

To learn more about the Geospatial Graduate Student Organization, please visit our page on the NC State Center for Geospatial Analytics' website.

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