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The Veiled Experience

Sheariah Stevens

The data used for this visualization are from NC State University’s 2019 Campus Climate Survey. The data in question speak to a trend of promoting diversity and inclusion on campuses across institutions of higher education. In line with this, NC State University has also taken on the task of bettering the campus community for all of its members. This data reflects the student body’s reactions to those intentions through a series of questions framed around engagement with each other. 

It is important to note that the data encompassed within this project reflect a particular period in time (2019), and there  are likely limits to the extent to which the data reflect the current climate in 2021. However, members that participated in the 2019 Campus Climate survey are still a part of the campus community, and, therefore, these data still reflect the thoughts and opinions of NC State community members.  Ultimately, the data complement the work of Du Bois  as a mirror to the realities of minoritized students and faculty members in higher education.

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