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GIS Week 2021 Forum Speakers Announced

Alexander Yoshizumi

AUGUST 12, 2021

Come learn about machine learning for spatial data science!

This year, we are excited to welcome Dr. Lauren Bennet and Ankita Bakshi from Esri! Together, they will be discussing some of the most widely adopted machine learning methods used for clustering of spatial data. This session will illustrate how the algorithms work, how to interpret the results, and how and when to apply them. We’ll go beyond the basics of several key spatial data science techniques, including density-based clustering and multivariate clustering, and equip you with the knowledge necessary to do great analysis!

Presentation Title:
Machine Learning Explained: Finding Spatial Clusters


Dr. Lauren Bennett is Software Development Lead, Spatial Analysis and Data Science at Esri, and Ankita Bakshi is Senior Product Engineer, Spatial Statistics at Esri

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